It is estimated that the problem of cellulite affects most women. Lipodystrophy – unevenness on the surface of the knees, arms, hips, buttocks and legs is not only an aesthetic but also a health problem. Local hypertrophy of the adipose tissue disturbs microcirculation, causes swelling, increase the accumulation of toxins. It can also lead to fibrosis. Cellulite is formed as a result of genetic susceptibility and unhealthy lifestyle. Women who avoid physical exercises, smoke cigarettes, are often stressed are more susceptible to the development of the “orange peel”. One of the most effective methods of getting rid of cellulite is mesotherapy that involves injecting small doses of medicines into places affected by changes.

The most important benefits of mesotherapy:

  • improvement of metabolism in cells
  • improvement of microcirculation
  • acceleration of adipose cells metabolism
  • greater flexibility and firmness of the skin
  • greater smoothness and brightness of the skin
  • increase of collagen and elastin in cells
  • reducing the amount of free radicals

Indications for mesotherapy

  • abdomen
  • buttocks
  • thighs

How to prepare for the treatment?

Mesotherapy does not require conducting any specialized tests. The patient should be in a good health. One week before the treatment, the patient should stop using Aspirin and medicines that have negative effects on blood coagulability.

The course of mesotherapy

The mesotherapy treatment does not involve any pain because there is applied local anesthesia and very thin needles. As a result, small dots appear on the body that disappear within few days. After the treatment a massage is performed to absorb better the medicines.

Health contraindications for mesotherapy

Performing mesotherapy sometimes results in non-threatening and intrinsically disappearing allergic states. Bruising and small hematomas may also appear on the body. Mesotherapy is not a method for patients who are:

  • allergic to the ingredients of the medicine
  • cancer patients
  • during treatment of thyroid diseases
  • pregnant
  • diabetes
  • during the lactation period


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