Rhinoplasty is usually performed for aesthetic and health reasons. Abnormal anatomical structure of the nose, lack of patency and changes in appearance due to mechanical injuries are the main reasons to perform the surgery.
The patient should be aware that the surgery consists of changing of the arrangement of his/her own tissues- as an outcome not every shape change is possible. Sometimes a small, seemingly “cosmetic” nose correction can completely change the human face. Rhinoplasty can be only performed when the patients’ nasal development has already come to an end. During the procedure, the doctor usually straightens and shortens the nose, removes the hump and models its tip. The nose can become bigger or smaller.

The most important benefits of rhinoplasty

  • better self-esteem and a sense of attractiveness
  • elimination of breathing problems
  • change of face appearance.

Indications for rhinoplasty

  • nose tip deformities – drooping, tearing, hypertrophy
  • hump or dent visible in the nose profile
  • nasal septum deviation
  • the disproportionate size and width of the nose to other parts of the face
  • too large nostrils

How to prepare for the surgery?

Before the surgery, it is required to do some tests. Two weeks before the surgery, the medicines that interfere the blood coagulability should be discontinued and smoking should be stopped. On the day of surgery you should arrive on an empty stomach without make-up. When it comes to women, rhinoplasty can be performed after menstruation.

The course of rhinoplasty

The surgery lasts from one to two hours. At the beginning, the skin from the nose is separated then removing and modelling. Depending on the expected effects, the course of rhinoplasty may be different. Stitches are usually placed at the inside side of nose so the postoperative scars are virtually invisible. Rhinoplasty is usually performed using local or general anesthesia. The final effect is visible after a few months. Swelling also disappears at different time – the patient should be aware that this process may take from several weeks to several months.

Instructions after the treatment

The patient must wear a tamponade for the first 48 hours, and the plaster dressing takes place after 10 days. On the first days, it is recommended to lie in bed. Nasal sensitivity requires special needs – the patient should avoid contact sports and avoid sudden temperature changes as well as overheating and cooling. Until full healing of wounds, the patient should not visit the solarium, swimming pool and sauna.

Health contraindications for the surgery

  • diabetes
  • anemia
  • purulent sinusitis
  • purpura.


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