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Do you want to get rid of troublesome hung-ups, believe in yourself and your beauty again, stop precious time and improve your beauty? You are in the right place to get it all and feel beautiful naturally.


Aesthetic medicine

Go back in time and take advantage of aesthetic medicine offers. Our treatments allow you to become beautiful, younger and eliminate beauty defects to feel attractive.


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It is a place for people who value professionalism and a wide range of treatments.

The Elite Clinic- Laser Therapy Center in Warsaw offers you a full range of plastic surgery, gynaecology, laser therapy and body shaping as well as aesthetic medicine.

We specialize in The SLIM LIPO™ 3D body sculpting laser, breast plastic surgery, breast augmentation involves using implants and the patient’s own fat tissue, lipofilling.

Elite Clinic is also the center of plastic surgery, which offers face plastic surgery, rhinoplasty, otoplasty, blepharoplasty (including laser surgery), face lifting, breast augmentation or reduction, abdominoplasty.

We perform treatments in the field of aesthetic gynaecology, such as labiplasty, vaginoplasty and urinary incontinence.

In our clinic, we use innovative and most effective global technologies, including Slimlipo (liposuction laser with thermolifting of the skin), Adivive (own own fat transplant), Monalisa (laser treatment dedicated to urinary incontinence), miraDry (hyperhidrosis), Sculpsure (removal of unwanted body fat in 25 minutes) or Discovery Pico (removal of unwanted tattoos, discolouration) and many others used in aesthetic medicine and laser therapy.

Our experts has many years of experience so they guarantee professionalism and the satisfaction of our clients.

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Popular plastic surgeries

All treatments and plastic surgeries at our clinic are performed with full commitment and awareness that the effects of our work are extremely important for our patients. In the majority of cases, they do not only improve their appearance but they also want to restore the meaning of life. It often helps them in getting a professional and life success.

Lidia Kwiatkowska
  • 3D laser liposuction
  • liposuction
  • breast augmentation
  • blepharoplasty
  • otoplasty
  • nipple correction
  • abdominoplasty
  • vaginoplasty
  • laser treatments
  • wrinkles removal
  • hyperhidrosis treatment


Rhinoplasty – it aims is to improve the appearance and proportion of the nose, to emphasise the harmony of facial features and improving the self-esteem.


Thighplasty – it involves modelling of the thighs shape by sucking away adipose tissue and removing skin excess.

Breast lift surgery

Breast lift surgery is a procedure that is used when the breast tissues become weaker and the breast does not look as good as it used to be.


Blepharoplasty can provide our patients a lot of positive effects although the treatment does not last long.


Facelifting is a procedure that allows the patients to be younger and have more attractive look.

Lip augmentation

Lip augmentation- shapely, shiny and full lips are one of the most noticeable assets of a woman

Chin correction

Chin correction is performed when the chin goes forward in an unusual way.

Breast reduction

Breast reduction – in this type of surgery, the excess of adipose tissue, glandular tissue and skin are removed.

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