The eyes are the mirror of the soul but also the place where the first signs of aging become visible. The delicate skin that surrounds the eyes is particularly susceptible to changes. When you want to get rid of those changes, you should consider plastic surgery – blepharoplasty that is eyelid surgery. The surgery is usually performed for health reasons (narrowing of the field of vision) and aesthetic reasons (to improve the book of face). Blepharoplasty also allows the face to become more expressive, especially when the skin around the eyes is distended, ridge or adipose.
All of these changes have a significant impact on the appearance – the face seems to be older. A short, safe surgery that does not require hospitalization provides a long-lasting and satisfied effect.

The most important benefits of eyelid blepharoplasty:

  • no visible scars
  • aesthetic eye visibility
  • aesthetic face expression
  • rejuvenation of the face
  • durability of effects
  • removing of periorbital dark circles

Who should consider blepharoplasty?

The health reasons and low self-esteem of the patient affecting his/her professional, family and social life are the main reasons to perform the blepharoplasty. In particular, it is recommended when the problem concerns:

  • changes around the eyes as a results of skin ageing
  • excessive adipose around the eyes
  • limitation of the field of vision by the eyelids
  • eye swelling
  • improving well-being – getting a younger look
  • cutis laxa
  • periorbital dark circles

How to prepare to surgery?

Although blepharoplasty does not belong to risky surgeries it is always worth to do some tests suggested by the doctor before it is performed.

Before the surgery:

  • the patient should stop taking Aspirin (at least 2 weeks before surgery)
  • the patient should reduce smoking significantly (at least 4 weeks before the surgery)

The course of blepharoplasty

Before the surgery, the patient is informed about the course of blepharoplasty, its benefits and the risks. It is important because the changes in the eyelids, near the eyes may be the result of serious diseases – thyroid, kidneys and liver.

The surgery takes place under local anesthesia and lasts about an hour. The moment when the anesthesia is given may be noticeable but further steps usually do not cause any discomfort.

The strip of skin is cut from the skin of the upper eyelid, shaped in the way that the scar is hidden in the furrow that forms after the opening of the eyelids. On the other hand, the cut under the lower eyelid is performed just below the edge of the eyelash which tears the skin away from the deeper muscle and cuts out the triangular part of the skin pulling the remaining skin up and sideways. If it is necessary to move the pendant adipose, the small sections of the eye muscle are cut out and the dislocated tissue moves.

Instructions after the treatment:

After the blepharoplasty, it is recommended to cool the wounds with cold dressings and to instill eyes with special drops. The stitches from upper eyelids are removed after 2-3 days and from the lower eyelids after 5-6. The period of convalescence usually does not exceed two weeks. After this time, swellings and bruises disappear.

Health contraindications for blepharoplasty

  • specific eye structure
  • diabetes
  • dyspnoea
  • purulent skin infections
  • hyperthyroidis
  • unstable pressure
  • blood coagulation disorders


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However, it is worth to remember: when you make a decision about the plastic surgery, it is worth to know that it may have a significant impact on your body because it is a serious treatment.


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