The time is the worst enemy for the breast. The tissue becomes weaker because of pregnancies. Moreover, the beautiful, firm, shapely, symmetrical appearance of the breast is also difficult to achieve. Many women when notice the changes lose their sense of femininity and attractiveness. The breast lift surgery allows you to win back your old look. Mastopexy can be combined with a reduction of the breast.

The most important benefits of breast lift

  • you can give your breasts a satisfying size
  • you can return to your daily activities in a short time
  • it provides permanent, direct effect
  • breast firming
  • breast shape modelling
  • definitely better self-esteem

Who should consider breast lifting?

  • breast asymmetry
  • excessively large breast causing discomfort in the daily life
  • saggy breasts
  • flaccid breasts

How to prepare for the surgery?

On the day of the surgery, you must not take any food. It is also advisable to limit of the intake drinks. You may consume no later than six hours before the surgery. Two weeks before the breast lift surgery, you should stop taking Aspirin and medicines that hinder blood coagulability.

The course of breast lift surgery:

In this type of surgery, general or intravenous anesthesia combined with local anesthesia is necessary. Generally, mastopexy lasts from two to three hours – the doctor removes excess skin and subcutaneous tissue, shapes the lower part of the breast and moves the breast areolas up. Depending on the technique, there are applied various kinds of stitches that are removed after a maximum of ten days. Postoperative scars are usually located on the edge of the skin so that they do not disfigure the breast. The character and size of the changes primarily affect the final look of the breast. It is worth noting that the surgery is associated with long-lasting pain and swelling. The scars also change their colour and size for a long period of time. Stitches are usually removed after two weeks.

Instructions after the treatment

Right after the surgery it is necessary to wear a special bra that should be worn around the clock for one and a half month. The following should be avoided for at least two months after the surgery:

  • avoid sun rays
  • avoid sudden movements
  • avoid intense movement of breast muscles (for example, during ironing)
  • avoid using of solarium, sauna and swimming pool
  • avoid excessive effort
  • avoid contact sports

In order to speed up the healing process, it is recommended to perform a delicate massage of scars twice a day and cover them with a special silicone gel. Physical activity should be increased gradually, adequately to the healing of the body – after medical examination. During the first months, you should absolutely avoid activities that can lead to stretching of the skin around the scar. The efficacy assessment concerning the breast lift is possible only after 6 months.

Health contraindications for the surgery:

  • autoimmune diseases
  • kidney disease
  • heart diseases
  • cardiovascular disease
  • liver disease
  • diabetes
  • chronic infections
  • blood coagulability disorders.


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However, it is worth to remember: when you make a decision about the plastic surgery, it is worth to know that it may have a significant impact on your body because it is a serious treatment.


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